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  • Martin Luther King Jr. birthday commemoration

    Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "When your character is built on spiritual and moral foundation, your contagious way of life will influence millions.”
  • Pearls of leadership philosophy

    I’ve been in positions of leadership most of my career, and during those years, I’ve learned extensively about the difference, in my opinion, between a bad leader and a good leader.
  • Mandatory perspective, brought to you by COVID

    Work-life balance is not unique to the military, neither is it a new one. As far back as the 1970s, Harry Chapin wrote and performed perhaps his most famous song, “Cat’s in the Cradle.” In the song, he tells the story of a father who is always too busy to play with his young son.
  • What do you meme?

    Have you ever thought about how you engage in meaningful dialogue with others and whether or not it’s effective? With social distancing, staggered office schedules, shift work, and the unfortunate necessity to limit face-to-face contact due to the pandemic, it’s important now more than ever to take a moment and ensure we’re communicating effectively throughout our organizations
  • December Fitness Tips

    Healthy Holiday Nutrition Tips and Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season
  • Using gratitude to combat the 2020 attitude

    This time last year we did not know. We gathered with friends and family for a feast in the name of thankfulness without awareness of what 2020 would have in store. What did 2020 usher? For starters, hardship, isolation and the beloved face mask. Who would have guessed we would have toilet paper shortages, restricted travel and physical distancing?
  • TRICARE Open Season: Nov. 9 – Dec. 14

    TRICARE Open Season is underway, and here is the latest "Take Command" toolkit, 'TRICARE Open Season: Call to Action.'
  • Three questions for your journey

    I have the privilege of meeting with Airmen every day. Sometimes it is for joyful events such as promotions or awards, but other times it is for more deliberate counseling or course corrections.Whatever the circumstance, I find that the conversation eventually evolves to the point where I ask some fundamental, but incredibly important
  • Experiences step up our insight

    We’re talking about open-minded approaches that welcome the input of all service members.
  • My story is not unique

    At the age of nine, my grandmother told me a story I have never been able to get over. She told me a story about when she was a year younger than me she was smacked in the face by a woman in a grocery store for talking too much. She did not know the woman and she was smacked because she was translating English to Spanish for my great-grandmother.

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