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  • Blaming Victims - Comforting Ourselves

    Victim blaming is not exclusive to sexual assault or even crime. You may hear of a friend’s home being burglarized and think, they should not have bought a house in that neighborhood, but you may also have heard of an acquaintance passing away in a car accident and rationalized that they probably fell asleep at the wheel. Again, these thoughts comfort us with false control over our own lives. However, sexual assault victim blaming can be especially heinous as many victims find themselves targets of bullying, ostracism, and reprisal.
  • Effective Time Management

    As you progress in your career and climb the ladder of development, you will inherently acquire greater responsibility and more will be expected of you.
  • Leadership is a team sport

    To prepare for this commentary, I reflected on my first year in command - all the good and bad. As I did this, one thing stood out in each scenario; I did nothing alone. For each situation and every decision, I had the 4th SOPS leadership team with me. The wise advice and different perspectives ensured I made decisions that were not about me, but
  • Thank you, Knights

    It doesn’t seem fair that I’m the one writing this. On May 12th our wing, and the Air Force at large, lost a great leader, mentor, and friend. Colonel Falzarano’s impeccable service as your commander over the last year speaks for itself, and if he were here I have little doubt that his words would fill us all with the closure we need: for not only these trying times during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but for the decommissioning of the 21st Space Wing, and for the immense loss we continue to feel at the mention of his name. With that said, as Melissa and I begin our transition out of the Air Force, allow me one final chance to offer a few thoughts of my own, and to thank you all again for your never ending excellence and commitment to the mission.
  • Let Our Core Values be Your Polaris

    Almost two years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Air Force Academy with many of the leaders of 22nd Air Force where I found a beautiful base and campus full of rich history and traditions. One of the highlights was a tour of one of the newest buildings, Polaris Hall. Polaris (another name for the North Star) is a very modern building designed to foster collaborative, innovative problem solving with teams of airmen.
  • The importance of followership

    Our society embraces the pursuit of leadership.  If you want to be successful in the military, you need to be a strong leader, right? Read any performance report, and you will have the highlights of a person’s demonstrated leadership. If we are all leaders, who are we leading? Leadership is essential but so is its opposite: followership.  Our
  • On integrity

    The Air Force places integrity first, because it is, without question, the most important of our core values. In its purest form, personal integrity is doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do. Integrity serves as our moral compass, the basis for the trust imperative to military service. Without this foundational principle, nothing else we do really matters. Structural integrity is the ability of an item to hold together under a load, including its own weight, without breaking or deforming. A suspension bridge, such as the Delaware Memorial Bridge, includes anchorages, piers, towers and suspenders. Each component of the bridge is critical to its success. It takes all of the parts, acting as a whole, for the bridge to stand. Not only must they work together to maintain its form, but they must also be strong enough to stand up to the weight of their mission.
  • Faithful to a Proud Heritage

    While the Airman’s Creed holds a special place in our Air Force heritage, the second verse holds a very special place in my heart: “I am faithful to a proud heritage, a tradition of honor, and a legacy of valor.”     In my office, I have a picture my Grandfather gave to me many years ago before he passed away.  The picture was taken at Fort Lewis,
  • Flipping the “switch”… Are you really there?

    By the nature of all our jobs in the Air Force, the demand for continued excellence in the mission brings forth a potential to have our work stress bleed over and create stress in our personal lives. The vast majority of Airmen are able to cope properly and flip the proverbial “switch” once they head home from the office; all the thoughts of
  • Transforming the Civilian Defender Program

    U.S. Air Force leadership declared 2020 as the Year of Integrated Base Defense, or IBD, focusing on how every air and space professional fits into a layered defensive network. IBD is greater in scope than any single career field. It requires active participation between all Air Force specialty codes and ranks to operate as a cohesive fighting

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