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  • Honing Leadership Communications In These Trying Times

    It has been said that leaders, no matter how great, must constantly reinvent themselves. In other words, the leadership that got you “here” today will not get you “there” tomorrow. If you are not constantly reinventing yourself, you run the risk of putting your organization and mission in jeopardy. Our current fight against COVID-19 is a perfect
  • Be a Great Follower!

    I am a follower and I aspire to be a great follower! That is probably something that you don’t often hear from individuals in leadership roles, but it holds true for me. Nevertheless, I believe that we must maintain being followers because it characterizes how we lead.
  • Work-Life Juggling for Leaders

    If nothing else, the past few weeks have shown us that our lives, and those of our families, can quickly be thrust into the unknown.  As military members, the coronavirus and associated COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with many opportunities to serve in a multitude of roles. How successful we are in each of these roles is often determined by how
  • Coming together through social distancing

    We are physically more isolated from each other than we have ever been, but I believe this time of crisis and social distancing is ultimately bringing us together.
  • Manage stress before it manages you

    Stress can be fairly terrifying at times and if not managed properly, it can be overbearing and affect your health.
  • Helping our Children Cope with COVID-19

    A couple months ago who would have ever dreamed how our lives would change. All around us, news of the novel coronavirus dominates the information we take in on a daily basis. Many of our day to day routines have altered dramatically. Anxiety and worry are commonplace as people think about the days ahead. It is no surprise that our children are feeling worried too. Our children take their cues from the adults around them. Therefore, as parents and adult caregivers, we must find ways to reduce our own stress and anxiety. As adults, when we are calm, it is much easier to reduce the fears of our children. Dr. Dawn O’Mally from the National Alliance on Mental Illness suggests the following steps to ease COVID-19 anxiety for families, especially children.
  • Airmen can gain in today’s pain

    The cabin fever is building as the family begins to watch the third version of many movie classics on another soup d’ jour streaming service in the living room. Take the Bill Murray classic “Groundhog Day,” a spoof on the February 2 holiday, when Murray’s character, Phil Connors,is forced to live the holiday over and over again. Since Groundhog Day
  • Caring Through Chaos

    The world has seemingly plunged into unprecedented turmoil, with fear and uncertainty driving behavior that would be unlikely never be seen in “normal times.”COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has thrust the U.S. into a state of mind that has been at times unsettling, but at least in some instances, encouraging.I would call upon anyone reading this to
  • Coping resources during COVID-19

     Below are national resources to help during the COVID-19 outbreakMILITARY ONESOURCE:As the Department of Defense responds to the ever-changing effects of thecoronavirus disease, or COVID-19, we at Military OneSource are committed toproviding our service members and military families everywhere withup-to-date information, resources and answers
  • Putting in the hard work

    Like many of us, my first experience leading teams came through sports.  Unlike natural athletes, I wasn’t tall or fast, which led me to focus on wrestling.  It was a good fit because from day one the coaching staff emphasized the importance of hard work.  Our head coach would incessantly scream, “There is no secret to success; it's hard work!”  As

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