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  • Airmen can gain in today’s pain

    The cabin fever is building as the family begins to watch the third version of many movie classics on another soup d’ jour streaming service in the living room. Take the Bill Murray classic “Groundhog Day,” a spoof on the February 2 holiday, when Murray’s character, Phil Connors,is forced to live the holiday over and over again. Since Groundhog Day
  • Caring Through Chaos

    The world has seemingly plunged into unprecedented turmoil, with fear and uncertainty driving behavior that would be unlikely never be seen in “normal times.”COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has thrust the U.S. into a state of mind that has been at times unsettling, but at least in some instances, encouraging.I would call upon anyone reading this to
  • Coping resources during COVID-19

     Below are national resources to help during the COVID-19 outbreakMILITARY ONESOURCE:As the Department of Defense responds to the ever-changing effects of thecoronavirus disease, or COVID-19, we at Military OneSource are committed toproviding our service members and military families everywhere withup-to-date information, resources and answers
  • Putting in the hard work

    Like many of us, my first experience leading teams came through sports.  Unlike natural athletes, I wasn’t tall or fast, which led me to focus on wrestling.  It was a good fit because from day one the coaching staff emphasized the importance of hard work.  Our head coach would incessantly scream, “There is no secret to success; it's hard work!”  As
  • Maintaining a spirit of excellence – A tribute to Black History Month

    What does Black History Month mean to me? Black History Month serves as a reminder of the struggles, challenges, and hardships which my family and others like me endured in America. This is a month to honor those who have paved the way for me and have triumphed during the darkest times in our history. I am U.S. Air Force Maj. Marshalria “Marsha” Vaughans, a native to Cleveland, Ohio, and Montgomery, Alabama. I am a wife and mother of three and this is my story.
  • Leadership Perspectives: 50th FSS

    How would you describe your leadership style?My leadership style is democratic, supportive and customer service based. I strive to be an engaged and involved leader that focuses on and cultivates the strengths of each individual team member. I rely heavily on the expertise of the team and encourage the maximization of contributions from individual
  • Remembering our Oath

    On Jan. 14, 50th Mission Support Group leadership readily encouraged our new executive officer, 1st. Lt. Hayden Graham, as he feverishly attempted to connect to the live stream of Gen. John Raymond’s swearing in ceremony as Chief of Space Operations of the United States Space Force.  After the live stream dropped repeatedly, Col. Brian Kehl, 50th
  • Core Values and Work Ethic

    What is work ethic? Work ethic is defined by Merriam-Webster as a belief in work as a moral good: a set of values centered on the importance of doing work and reflected especially in a desire or determination to work hard.
  • Job Satisfaction

    Job satisfaction is an elusive beast. It has escaped me many times in my military career, especially in my early years. Prior to my commission, I built computers, installed networks and developed applications for small businesses. It was easy to find my sense of satisfaction. The efforts of my work immediately translated into not only monetary
  • Practicing the three Rs

    As the new inspector general at Schriever Air Force Base serving with the best IG team and space wing in the world, one of the first orders of business was setting expectations. I expect people to be good servants to our taxpayers by showing up to work, doing good work and having a good attitude!

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