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Practicing the three Rs

Lt. Col. Gail Smicklas, 50th SW/IG

Lt. Col. Gail Smicklas, 50th SW/IG


As the new inspector general at Schriever Air Force Base serving with the best IG team and space wing in the world, one of the first orders of business was setting expectations.

I expect people to be good servants to our taxpayers by showing up to work, doing good work and having a good attitude!

To be clear and detailed about expectations, I like to emphasize the following overarching expectations: respect, responsibility and reputation.

The three Rs! They are easy to remember and are a solid foundation to establish expectations within an organization. However, it is a two way street. I like to ensure troops understand what they can expect from me as well. It is very important to show transparency to prevent confusion and build trust so that we can execute this important mission as a team! Below are examples of what can fall under the three Rs (this is not all encompassing) and what troops can expect of me.


Treat people how you want to be treated.

- Always exercise customs and courtesies

- Acknowledge communication (ex: respond to emails within 24 hours).

- Respect the uniform by ensuring a stellar uniform.


Put deserving people in for awards at every opportunity.

- Produce high quality work; take the time to check it before distribution.

- Put thought into communication; aim to make it simple, clear, precise and concise.

- Get required work done on time.

- Abide by and maintain standards.

- Show up to events/activities.

- Prevent a DUI by having a designated driver or use a ride share app.

- Maintain fitness and strive to never fail a fitness test.


- Be polite, courteous and professional both in and out of uniform.

- Social media; think before you post. Anything you say on social media has potential for consequences.  

What You Can Expect of Me:

- I will support personal improvement/learning/growth.

- I will make every effort to make timely decisions.

- Whenever possible, I will explain to you why tasks need to be accomplished.

- I will provide honest, formal feedback.

- I will be present.

- I will regularly acknowledge communication you send specifically to me.

- I will not tolerate discrimination, intimidation or abuse of any kind.

- I will not tolerate anyone not maintaining standards.

Knowing what is expected is essential from day one to avoid second guessing and wasting time or effort. My hope is that sharing this concept can be a tool in someone’s leadership/followership toolbox.