#IamSCHRIEVER Portraits

  • Schriever catches the spinning bug

    Mandatory doesn't have to mean boring, and for the 50th Contracting Squadron, who attend mandatory spinning classes on Mondays at 6:30 a.m. at the main fitness center, fun and a good workout is what they get Monday mornings. About 17 students show up for the 45-minute classes, which are part of the War Fit program taught by instructor Brenda Lewis.
  • Get Out and Go: Take a hike!

    The benefits of hiking and being in the great outdoors are many. Whether going by yourself or participating in a group hike, such as the monthly hike by the Health and Wellness Center here, it's best to be prepared.  From www.hikerscorner.com, follow these general tips for a safe hiking experience: - Wear hiking boots instead of shoes to help
  • Schriever's Patriotic Neighbor

    Many Schriever motorists have noticed the house located on Highway 94 near Curtis Road and an American flag that always flies in the front yard -- wind, rain or shine. Jack Weber loves his solitude, his calves and his troops. He lives in a trailer near the house on the property and is responsible for making sure the flag is proudly displayed day
  • Schriever volunteers pitch in to beautify neighborhood park

    A little community park was getting a lot of tender love and care June 27 as Schriever volunteers set their sites on beautifying nearby Ellicott Park. The park was in need of that care -- chipped paint, overgrown bushes and other in-need-of-repair items got the attention they deserved. Paint brushes, weed trimmers, shovels and other tools were used
  • Get Out and Go: Schriever hikers explore Fox Run Park

    Water? Check. Bug spray? Check. Snacks? Check. With all the necessities in order, hikers took to the shady trails of Fox Run Park June 22 as part of the Health and Wellness Center's monthly hike. And with plenty of sun and temperatures in the mid-80s, the weather only added to the walk. The hikes are open to anyone at Schriever, including family
  • From 'Master of the Sky' to Master of Space: 50th TFW gains new life, new mission in ultimate high ground

    Editor's note: As the Air Force prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2007, a look back at the 50th Space Wing's journey is appropriate. Throughout the following months, the Satellite Flyer Online will publish articles describing the wing's distinguished past. This is the ninth article in the series. Air Force officials soon reversed their
  • Base picnic to feature free food, games, entertainment

    Free food, a fun atmosphere and an open invitation are three descriptors that characterize the annual Schriever base picnic, hosted by the 50th Services Division. This year's picnic will take place at the softball pavilion here July 20 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. John Brunfeldt, chairman of the picnic, along with 22 picnic coordinators, have put in
  • Schriever barber offers 'no-frills,' high-quality service

    When someone comes to the Schriever Barber Shop for a haircut, the experience may take him back to the days of his youth -- days when visiting a barber shop meant getting a haircut from a friendly face in a simple, sunlit room, free of receptionists, incessantly ringing phones and gum-smacking teenagers. It's just Dawn Guggenbiller, a television
  • Power plant supervisor ensures mission stays uninterrupted

    A reverberating roar wails throughout the power plant. The vibrations crawl through the ground and travel up your legs as if you were standing next to an airplane engine fired up to full throttle. Now multiply that feeling by seven and you have enough generated power to keep Schriever's key satellite missions and their critical facilities running
  • Deployed spouses' dinner offers food, support

    Each month, families of those deployed and on remote tours have the opportunity to dine with and enjoy the company of others in similar situations. On June 1 they did just that at the Deployed Families' Dinner held at the Peterson Air Force Base Chapel. In addition to dinner being served by base organizations, prizes were given out, including a

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