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  • From 'Master of the Sky' to Master of Space: F-16s join 50th TFW arsenal

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe announced in late 1978 that the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing would test and then field of the new F-16A Fighting Falcon. Arrangements for the tests began with arrival of the first of four teams in November 1978 and continued into 1979. Tests began April 20, 1979, with four F-16s at Hahn Air Base, Germany. Meanwhile, prompted
  • 1st SOPS Airman enjoys life at all altitudes

    During the duty day, she's an orbital analyst for the 1st Space Operations Squadron here. But when she's off duty, Senior Airman Angela Pudenz turns into an energy-addict and lets her hair down ... sometimes from 12,500 feet. "Both of my parents were in the Air Force," Airman Pudenz said. "My dad was in for 22 years, and my mom was in the Air
  • 21st SOPS SF chief keeps Airmen 'safe in Saudi'

    When the chief of security forces for the 21st Space Operations Squadron received orders in May 2006 for a deployment to Saudi Arabia, his reaction was calm acceptance. This would be Maj. Scott Selchert's fifth deployment -- he'd "been there, done that" four times already since he joined the Air Force in 1994. His deployment as commander for
  • Gen. Schriever's visionary space speech turns 50

    Gen. Bernard Schriever addressed America's need for space in a Feb. 19, 1957, address at the inaugural Air Force Office of Scientific Research Astronautics Symposium in San Diego. Following this address, Defense Secretary Charles Wilson ordered General Schriever, who was then commander of Western Development Division Headquarters, not to use the
  • New Boston AFS efforts improve local community

    For six years, men and women here have volunteered to prepare, cook and serve hot meals to local area residents at a small soup kitchen in Derry, N.H., every fifth Wednesday of the month. The groups of about 10 who volunteer are just one way that  the 23rd Space Operations Squadron here is involved year-round with the local community.The small soup
  • 'Disorderly Conduct' -- Geese run a-fowl of rules, runners

    There's a new gang in town. They're easy to spot--they have black beaks and light brown wings and leave webbed footprints wherever they trek. They don't obey traffic laws or signs that say, "Keep off the grass." And if you use the running track next to the Main Fitness Center here, you might have even "fowled" your running shoes with one of their
  • Have some pie!

    Everyone has probably dreamed of it once: walking up to a supervisor or a coworker with a pie plate full of whipped cream, crust and delicious-yet-sticky filling. The Schriever Airmen's Council made those dreams come true during the first wing-wide Pie in the Face contest Feb. 8 and raised more than $1,800 in the process. Pie was the uniform of the
  • SBIRS Instructor Profile: Staff Sgt. Tarah Norris

    Q. How long have you been in the Air Force and in the space career field? Also, how long have you been with the 460th Space Wing? A. I have been an Airman and a space system operator for a little more than six years. I have been a part of the 460th Space Wing since January 2004. Q. Why did you join the Air Force? A. I joined the Air Force to escape
  • Schriever space pros meet up-and-comers at science expo

    If hoverboards and flux capacitors sound like science fiction, that didn't stop students at Falcon Middle School from turning them into science fact. These were two of the dozens of exhibits and presentations Schriever Airmen judged Feb. 1 during Falcon Middle School's 2007 Science Expo. Judges reviewed exhibits that included collections of coins
  • Deployed Airmen's families are not alone

    Deploying is a fact of life for Airmen in today's expeditionary Air Force, but it doesn't mean their spouses and families have to go it alone. A deployed families' dinner at the Peterson Air Force Base Chapel Friday night reinforced that message for spouses and children from Schriever and Peterson Air Force Bases, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force

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