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  • 7th SOPS' mission takes new direction

    The 7th Space Operations Squadron is out of the Defense Support Program business--instead, the unit plans to integrate more closely with its active-duty equivalent in 1st SOPS to become a multi-mission satellite operations center, or MMSOC. Delta booster operations, orbital express closeproximity tactics and techniques, and experimental
  • Who built this house? 'CE built this house!' -- 50th CES holds first Combat Airman Day

    "Who built this house?""CE built this house!"The rallying cry sounded at about 7 a.m. Friday, shortly after Airmen with the 50th Civil Engineer Squadron here finished a formation run, to signify 50th CES' first Combat Airman Day. The Combat Airman Day is a sign that 50th CES has taken its mission to a new level, said Senior Master Sgt. Michael
  • Wingmanship evident on Guardian Challenge obstacle course

    Victory matters to the 50th Security Forces Squadron's Guardian Challenge team. But when one of their own injured himself on Schriever's obstacle course Wednesday morning, the team showed that wingmanship matters to them even more. Staff Sgt. Scott Willis heard his ankle pop as he dismounted from one of the obstacles on the course. He pressed on
  • Mexican native one step closer to lifelong dream

    The job has changed since an operations controller with the 50th Space Communications Squadron here returned from two years at school, but his dreams have not. With a bachelor's degree under his belt, Staff Sgt. Victor Salvador is one step closer to his career goal of becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force. For Sergeant Salvador,
  • Countdown to Victory: 50th SFS predicts dominance at GC 2006

    This year's Security Forces Guardian Challenge team promises to repeat their dominance of the Schriever obstacle course en route to victory at Guardian Challenge 2006. "Two years ago, we set the Air Force Space Command record on the obstacle course (at Vandenberg Air Force Base)," said Tech. Sgt. Brian Johnson, the leader of this year's 50th
  • 'No comm, no bomb': Intense training pays off for 50th SCS Guardian Challenge team

    Other comm squadrons may have weathered the ride through Guardian Challenge 2006, but the 50th Communications Squadron here owned it. "We thought we did pretty darn good," said Tech. Sgt. William Stout, the leader of the three-man 50th SCS crew. "After 30 days of being drilled, the evaluation was a breeze." Guardian Challenge came and went April 10
  • Countdown to victory: 22nd SOPS seeks to claim Aldridge Trophy

    The 22nd Space Operations Squadron weathered a hard ride during their Guardian Challenge exercise April 12. In two weeks, they’ll find out whether their performance was good enough to bring the Aldridge Trophy back where it belongs. The presiding officials of Guardian Challenge 2006 will present the Aldridge Trophy to the best space operators in
  • 50th SCS NCO repeats as Schriever's chess champion

    Two years has meant two Schriever chess tournament championships for an NCO with the 50th Space Communications Squadron here. In three games—two of which required fewer than 15 moves—Staff Sgt. Robert Bucholtz defeated his opponents to repeat as Schriever's best chess player. Sergeant Bucholtz's first match was against Roy Heath, the U.S. Chess
  • Schriever's chess champ to compete in NATO tournament

    Schriever's chess champion is moving up. Staff Sgt. Robert Bucholtz, a member of the 50th Space Communications Squadron here, will fly to England to compete in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's annual chess tournament at Wellington College in Berkshire Aug. 20 to 26. The United States will bring its strongest team to the competition in at
  • 'Regular guy' who won Silver Star shares Vietnam story with Schriever Airmen

    Jim Rich is a regular guy who spent 366 days in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. While there, this regular guy received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. He took the medals home, put them on a bookcase and led a life as a school teacher, many mental miles away from what he now calls "another day, another time." That is, until recently. He

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