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  • Schriever's green acres 'home on the range' for rare owl species

    Although ground has not been broken on base housing at Schriever, the base is already home to mothers and fathers raising and providing for their families. Throughout the vast acres of prairie land Schriever sits on is a unique bird that makes its nests underground. Burrowing owls are not capable of digging an entire tunnel so they rely on old
  • Gen. Bernard Schriever

    There was a common thread through all the early satellite projects, Corona, MIDAS, SAMOS, etc. - it was General Bernard Schriever. But while the General may have gained fame as the "Father of the United States Air Force Space and Missile Programs", his career included many contributions to our nation's defense before the "Space Age." It started in
  • Schriever Airmen's Council president becomes U.S. citizen

    Editor’s note: This is the first article in a series about Schriever Airmen who are naturalized citizens. The newly elected president of the Schriever Airmen’s Council, who joined the Air Force in 2004, is one of the 50th Space Wing’s newest American citizens. Airman 1st Class Zully Renon originally pursued citizenship so she would be eligible to
  • Air Force cycling team rides the Rockies

    From June 18 to 23, 2,000 bicyclists from across the United States joined together in "Ride the Rockies," an annual cross-state bicycle tour that raises money for charities. This year's tour took cyclists 419 miles through the Rocky Mountains' rich scenery from Cortez to Cañon City, Colo. Since 1986, Ride the Rockies has become an annual event
  • 50th SW emblem's history explained

    Ever wonder what that beast is on the wing's and groups' flags? Ever think, "What's the big deal, anyway? It's just a flag." More than an emblem on our wing flag and our uniforms, that beast is a big deal. It represents the men and women of the unit, it symbolizes the organization's characteristics, and it continues a military tradition that dates
  • 50th MSG deputy shares tale of tragedy, recovery

    The cyclist awakens from a dream. He last remembers seeing the faces of his children. He feels no pain, but he cannot breathe. He yells at nearby paramedics, “I can’t breathe!” Lying motionless, his thoughts go in and out. He lays trapped, his helmeted head crushed inside a car’s front right wheel well. He sees what his rescuers cannot and begins
  • Pikes Peak history on display at Pioneer Museum

    The Pioneer Museum in downtown Colorado Springs has three exhibits commemorating the bicentennial of Zebulon Pike’s expedition to Colorado and the mountain that bears his name. The Pike expedition followed the Arkansas River through most of Kansas and into Colorado in November 1806. The expedition stretched through modern-day Missouri, Kansas,
  • 2nd, 4th SOPS triumphant in 4-Fit Challenge

    The 2nd and 4th Space Operations Squadrons here put their feet where their mouths were at the 4-Fit challenge May 25. Other squadrons who had talked smack were left with their feet in their mouths. “Extremely Highly Fast” of 4 SOPS won the top spot of “4th Place” in the mens’ 4x400 with a final time of 3:55. The 2nd SOPS’ “Sofa Kings” came in as
  • 50th SW command chief settles into new position

    About two weeks after moving into the 50th Space Wing Command Chief's office, Chief Master Sgt. Clarence Moore, Jr., sewed the command chief's rank insignia onto his uniforms--again. Chief Moore was preparing to take over as chief enlisted manager for the 50th Mission Support Group when previous 50th SW Command Chief Master Sgt. Russell Kuck
  • Jacks Valley features familiar location, new scenarios for 4th SOPS mobile operators

    The 4th Space Operations Squadron's Ground Mobile-3 truck pulled to the side of the dirt road it traveled, hamstrung by a flat tire. Other vehicles in the convoy assumed protective positions, and Airmen with 4th SOPS jumped out to establish a national defense area around the semi. The convoy commander greeted two gentlemen who approached. The elder

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