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2nd, 4th SOPS triumphant in 4-Fit Challenge

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The 2nd and 4th Space Operations Squadrons here put their feet where their mouths were at the 4-Fit challenge May 25.

Other squadrons who had talked smack were left with their feet in their mouths.

“Extremely Highly Fast” of 4 SOPS won the top spot of “4th Place” in the mens’ 4x400 with a final time of 3:55. The 2nd SOPS’ “Sofa Kings” came in as 1st runner-up, only three seconds behind 4th SOPS. The 50th Space Communications Squadron’s “Lugo’s Lugs” team brought up 2nd runner-up with 4:03. The 50th Operations Support Squadron’s “Trinrudiculous” team rounded out the 4x400 race at 3rd runner up with 4:18.
The masters of Milstar also captured 1st runner-up in the other two featured races: the women’s 4x400 and the co-ed 4x1600 4-mile relay.

Fans from the squadrons cheered for each of the runners—and the closer the races were, the rowdier the crowd became.

While 4th SOPS enjoyed a considerable home-field advantage, some from other squadrons speculated the “host” unit might have rigged the competition. Master Sgt. Tim Brown’s reminder that “tripping against any team but 4th SOPS is legal” may have contributed to the perception; the 4th SOPS first sergeant was one of the race officials.

“I’ll give you $10 that the guy telling people where to turn tells the 4th SOPS folks ‘hard left’ and tells everyone else it’s a wide turn,” one person from the 50th Contracting Squadron said.

The scorekeeper, who was from 4th SOPS, insisted her integrity was beyond reproach when asked about allegations of rigging the scores in her unit’s favor.

“I would never, never do such a thing!” she said indignantly.

Smack talk aside, intramural competition such as the 4-Fit Challenge helps build teamwork, morale and a culture of physical fitness said Lt. Col. John Shaw, 4th SOPS Commander, during his opening remarks.

“I was recently reading the biography of Gen. Douglas Macarthur and was reminded of this quote from him: ‘On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory,’” Colonel Shaw said. “The spirit of what we’re out here to do is to engender the spirit of fitness and friendly competition.”

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