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Tag: vaping
  • Military Exchanges halt vape sales

    The Army and Air Force Exchange Service and the Navy Exchange have stopped selling vape-related products. AAFES removed vape-related products from its shelves Sept. 30. Navy Exchange Service Command removed products from NEX retail shelves and directed NEX concessionaires and vendors to discontinue the sale of vaping products after Oct. 1.
  • Electronic cigarettes and vape pens: the unknown dangers

    Using e-cigarettes and/or vape pens has become increasingly popular in the past 7-10 years. In the U.S. alone, there is an estimated 3,500 stores selling e-cigarette and vape pen devices. Many are moving towards vaping because they believe it to be healthier and safer than traditional cigarettes. Since there is no actual smoke being produced while using these devices, there is an associated illusion of fire safety.

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