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Tag: TEDx
  • TEDxSchriever 2017 reflects on values, choices

    People hear many recurring themes, sayings or cliches as they go through life; because people, despite leading different lives, can have similar views and experiences. One of those experiences can be the common reflection on one's life, with the question: “What may I have done differently had I known everything I know now?”
  • TEDxSchriever 2017 to talk value

    In years past, TEDxSchriever has served as a platform for speakers within the Schriever family, and the local community, to volunteer and share ideas with on base and online viewers.
  • SAFB to host TEDxSchriever - Strengthening Communities

    When you think of community, where does your mind jump? Perhaps the neighborhood you live in? Tight-knit teams you may work side-by-side with weekly? A local pub where everybody knows your name? Team Schriever and guests can look forward to diving deeper into this discussion Aug. 12, during this year’s TEDxSchriever event, and it’s theme of Strengthening Communities.

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