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Tag: blended retirement
  • Air Force announces continuation pay rates

    Air Force leaders recently announced the Air Force’s continuation pay rates which are part of the new Blended Retirement System.
  • Get to know the BRS

    "Eighty percent of our troops leave service before 20 years…and in the current system, if they leave before 20 years, they leave with nothing. (The) Blended Retirement System creates a choice that opens up opportunity and –allows us to be similar to other (civilian) institutions and therefore competitive with them in getting people to join us and
  • CGO, 5/6 Councils debate BRS

    Keep the current retirement system or switch to the new blended retirement system?That was the question posed to debate team members from the CGO and 5/6 Councils during the first Schriever Debate here Thursday. The CGO Council (1st Lt. Stephen Bittner, 50th Contracting Squadron, 1st Lt. Sean Donovan, 2nd Lt. Rain Dartt and 2nd Lt. Ikenna Olelewe,

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