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Frequently Asked Questions



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Can contractors and civilians use the Child Development Center?
Yes. Eligible patrons include active-duty military assigned to all area military bases, Department of Defense civilians paid with either appropriated or non-appropriated funds and DOD contractors working full time on Schriever AFB. Families are placed into care according to their priority, with active-duty military families having top priority.

What if I need care in the evenings or other times when the Schriever CDC is not open?
The Peterson Air Force Base and U.S. Air Force Academy family child cares have providers who may meet the individual needs of parents working shifts or other non-routine hours. Peterson Family Child Care may be reached at 719-556-4322. The Academy Family Child Care Office may be reached at 719-333-7957.

How can I get on the "bid list" or mailing list for Requests for Proposal?
The 50th Contracting Squadron does not maintain a mailing list. At a minimum, we post all requirements of more than $25,000 on the System for Award Management website (opens in new window) and leave the responsibility of monitoring the requirements to vendors and contractors.


How do I get to the office of the Wing Small Business Specialist?
After you obtain a pass for your vehicle, continue through the Enoch Road gate. Take the first left onto Falcon Parkway and continue through the traffic light. You will see a large building on the right just before the road curves to the south. This is the DeKok Building.

Turn right on Voyager Road, which is between the DeKok Building and the Medical and Dental Clinic. You may park in any space in either parking lot that is not marked reserved.

The elevator is on the left as you enter the DeKok Building atrium. The office is on the third floor, to the right of the elevator, in Room 340.

I'm contracted through an organization other than the 50th Contracting Squadron. How do I get access to Schriever?
If the General Services Administration or another outside entity, such as another air force base, awarded a contract to the contractor, the contracting office that awarded the requirement must forward a copy of the Department of Defense Form 254, "Contract Security Classification Specification," to the sponsoring unit and 50th Security Forces Squadron. If the contract is unclassified, the sponsoring unit must coordinate base access prior to the contractor's arrival.

To get a common access card, contact the 50th Mission Support Squadron at 567-5900. For all other forms of identification, including Schriever Restricted Area badges, contact the 50th Security Forces Squadron at 567-5620.

I am a contractor working on the installation. When can I eat at the Satellite Dish dining facility?
All contractors and partners working on Schriever may eat at the Satellite Dish dining facility for all dinner meals, midnight meals and all meals on weekends and federal holidays.

I am a reservist working at Schriever; can I eat at the Satellite Dish? 
You are considered an Unrestricted User if you are on active-duty status and in uniform performing your duties, or if you present a copy of your active-status orders. If you are in an inactive status, you are considered a Restricted User. 

I am active-duty military and will have official visitors to my unit during the week. Can I bring them to the Dish to eat breakfast and lunch?
Yes, provided you have prior approval. Official visitors to Schriever who require access to the Satellite Dish must be authorized by the 50th Space Wing commander or 50th Mission Support Group commander. Authorizations will be also need to be coordinated with services.

I am active-duty military and would like to bring my child to breakfast or lunch on a weekday. Is that allowed?

Yes. Since active-duty service members are authorized unrestricted use of the dining facility, dependents, relatives and bona fide guests or individuals who do not work on base are authorized to eat with you for all meals. 

I am retired military; can I eat in the Dish even though I am a contractor working on Schriever?
Contractor personnel, regardless of past military affiliation, may eat at the Satellite Dish for all dinner and midnight meals as well as all meals on Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays. Unfortunately, contractors may not use the Satellite Dish during the breakfast and lunch meals weekdays, except holidays.

I needed to get a temporary restricted area badge for the day. How do I get into the Dish for lunch?
Bring your military card or Department of Defense civilian card with you when you come to the Satellite Dish. You will need to show both your temporary badge and authorized ID card to the servers and cashier to eat at the dining facility. 

If I am a considered a “Restricted User” of the Satellite Dish, where can I go to buy breakfast or lunch on weekdays?
We encourage you to try out alternate dining facilities, such as the High Plains Cafeteria located at the Joint National Integration Center as well as two coffee and snack shops located in the JNIC and in Building 210. 

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service Shoppette is also available and offers a variety of pre-made sandwiches, salads, frozen entrees and pizza.

What is the difference between an “Unrestricted User” and a “Restricted User”?
An "Unrestricted User" is any service member assigned to or performing official duties at Schriever, any Department of Defense civilian assigned to Schriever and personnel on temporary duty status, military or DOD civilian, with orders authorizing government meals.

A "Restricted User" any contractor, retired service member or DOD civilian and family members. Restricted Users are only restricted from eating at the Dish weekdays, except federal holidays, for the breakfast and lunch meals. They are authorized all other daily meals as well as all meals on weekends and holidays.

How do I get onto the installation?
All vehicles coming onto Schriever Air Force Base must have a Department of Defense-issued registration or be issued a temporary pass. Short-term visitors may be issued a temporary pass for the duration of the visit. Vehicle owners must provide current registration, proof of insurance and a valid driver's license. All decals, passes and Schriever-issued identification must be returned to Pass and Registration at the end of the visit.

How do I get to Schriever AFB?
From Colorado Springs, drive east on Platte Avenue until you reach the intersection with Highway 94. Turn right onto Highway 94, driving east until you reach Enoch Road. Turn right onto Enoch Road, which will take you to Schriever AFB. The visitors center is approximately 2 miles from Highway 94 and is on the right side of the road just inside the fence.

Are wheelchair or disabled-accessible housing available?
Yes, American Disabilities Act-accessible homes are available. Actus Lend Lease will do everything it can to move a resident who shows a special need into an ADA-accessible home. If homes are already occupied, Actus Lend Lease will try to make a home adaptable.

Some homes are built as fully ADA accessible. Other homes are built as ADA adaptable, meaning that the home can become fully ADA accessible with a minimum of modification.

Can I have a satellite dish installed on my home?
Actus Lend Lease-managed neighborhoods typically allow satellite dishes. Actus will negotiate with providers to provide a bundle package that discounts startup or installation fees for residents.

Do I have to pay a security deposit?
No. However, if you are new to the base and own pets, you will have to pay a pet deposit.

How do I find out who my resident service coordinator is?
RSCs will introduce themselves to residents within the residents' first few days living on base.
New residents will receive a newsletter telling them who their RSC is and how to contact him. Most likely, the RSC will deliver the newsletter to the new residents.

How do you determine average utilities?
Actus Lend Lease will take an average of the type of home in which you live. They will determine the annual consumption by conducting a survey of preceding years. Based on that, they will establish what the 100-percent utility rate would be and add 10 percent for flexibility.

Residents who are energy-conscious can make money, because all the money residents save is returned to them. An average user will break even, and those who are not energy conscious will have to pay the difference.

How will the lease affect you if you already have animals? Will there be a pet deposit?
A pet deposit will only be required from new arrivals when they sign leases in the future. Everyone currently living in base housing will be "grandfathered" in regard to a pet deposit. Actus Lend Lease will adopt the pet policy directed by Air Force Space Command; residents will not see changes in the types of pets they may own.

I have a sandlot in my current on-base home. Will Actus Lend Lease take care of that?
New homes will have fenced-in backyards, a sodded lawn and professionally designed landscapes. It's not an optimal use of money to sod a lawn for a home that will be demolished in a year or two.

If I deploy or my home will be vacant for a while, will there be a program to help me find a housesitter?
Residential service coordinators will be able to help residents with taking care of a home during a deployment or other absence; however, residents should provide the name of someone whom the RSC can contact in the event of an emergency. RSCs cannot enter a resident's home, whereas a housesitter could.

If I'm a junior NCO occupying a senior NCO home, will I have to move back into a junior NCO home to make room for a senior NCO who desires the home in the future?

If I'm a registered child care provider, will the requirements change with new housing?
The Air Force's home-daycare programs fill a tremendous void. A registered provider will continue to be part of the family child care program in the new housing. The training and regulations will stay the same. Actus Lend Lease will probably use the community center and make it available for child care sessions as well.

Residents who want to run a business from their home will see few changes, if any. Actus will ensure it is not intrusive with neighbors and can be done within the confines of the home without compromising neighbors' privacy.

My spouse is stationed at Schriever, and we live on Peterson. Will we have priority access to housing at Schriever?

What school district will Schriever AFB residents fall under?
Schriever will be in the Ellicott School District. Actus Lend Lease will fund an expansion of Ellicott Elementary School to accommodate Schriever students. 

Ellicott's district, School District 22, has a teacher-student ratio of 13 to 1. According to recent scoring, it has high academic standards and the capacity to accommodate an additional 50 students. Actus Lend Lease anticipates they will get 240 new students from the new housing development at Schriever and has stated that they will build new classroom space to accommodate the influx of students who live here.

What utilities will I have to pay?
Residents will only have to pay for natural gas and electricity. Actus Lend Lease will always pay for water and sewer service as part of rent and is negotiating how to structure that with utility providers.

Actus Lend Lease will offer two alternatives: First, residents may choose to contract directly with utility providers, in which case Actus will offer a 110-percent utility allowance. Second, residents may allow Actus to continue to pay utilities and will reconcile the bill every three months. Residents who have saved money will receive a check from Actus in the amount of money they saved.

Will houses have central heating, venting and air conditioning?
Yes, all homes will have central air and heat.

Will I be able to wash my vehicle at home?
Actus Lend Lease will pay for water and prefers residents to use an ecologically efficient method such as taking their vehicles to a car wash facility and using environmentally friendly soap.

In recent years, local authorities have imposed water restrictions to curb water use during drought periods. Schriever residents are required to observe those restrictions just as any responsible citizen of Colorado Springs does.

Will I be pushed out of my home if I live at Peterson AFB and housing at Schriever is not available?
Residents will not be pushed out of their homes. If new homes are not available on Schriever AFB, Actus Lend Lease will move residents into new homes at Peterson AFB. Residents who are moved in this manner will be allowed to stay on Peterson until they PCS.

If new homes are available on Schriever and a resident is in a home slated for demolition, Schriever employees' only option will be to move to Schriever; Peterson housing will not be offered as an option.

The most likely scenario is that Actus Lend Lease will have new homes at Schriever before asking residents to move out of a home on Peterson.

Will I receive the same number of bedrooms in a new home that I have now?
All moves will likely be an improvement. Actus Lend Lease will never try to downgrade residents. "One move, plus up" is their commitment.

Will my rent ever exceed my base allowance for housing?
Typically, your rent will never exceed your basic allowance for housing. If your BAH increases, your rent will increase. Likewise, if your BAH decreases, your rent will decrease. Your utilities will be covered in the rent for the first six years after the houses are metered; after that, Actus Lend Lease will deduct a utility allowance of 110 percent of the average utilities from the rent, and residents will be responsible for paying their own utilities.

If you "rent up,"  you may pay more than your BAH. For example, a junior NCO who decides to rent a home designed for a senior NCO would have to pay a senior NCO's rent.

Will residents be responsible for their lawns and snow removal?
Actus Lend Lease will perform all the lawn maintenance except for fenced-in backyards. They will water and mow all front yards and will perform all snow removal.

Will Schriever AFB personnel be able to stay on Peterson, or will they be forced to move?
Those working at Schriever AFB will have the first opportunity to live in base housing here. The only two scenarios that would allow Schriever personnel to stay in Peterson AFB housing is if Peterson AFB personnel do not fill up homes at Peterson or if a resident's current home is scheduled for renovation or demolition, and a home on Schriever is not available.

In the latter case, residents will be offered a new home on Peterson if a home on Schriever is unavailable.

Initially, the first priority to the homes on Peterson AFB will go to those who work at Peterson. If the occupancy on Peterson drops below 95 percent, the first category of personnel who can move on base will be other active-duty service members in the area.

Housing at Peterson was determined by the number of people working on Peterson. The number of people working at Schriever determined the number of homes that would be built here.

Will self-help service be available?
Yes, but with a twist: Actus Lend Lease will deliver equipment such as lawnmowers. Actus will also replace smoke detector batteries and air conditioning filters. Residents will also be able to place online work orders for routine maintenance issues.

Will the housing projects include parks, grass and trees, or will the landscaping be minimal?
Residents will find landscaping similar to what they would find in any local community: trees, grass, flowers and bushes. Actus Lend Lease will build parks throughout the area with playscapes. The playscapes will be grouped to accommodate families with children of multiple ages.

The homes are accessible through paved alleys. The fronts are an open green space that has no vehicle traffic so that children can play, and parents can watch from their front porches.

Do I need to complete a separate application package for each NAF position I apply for?
Yes, and photocopies are also accepted. The OF612 form (PDF) and the OF306 form (PDF) must be completed for each position along with supporting documentation, if applicable (i.e. military orders, DD214, military spouse preference worksheet (PDF), college transcript, résumé, etc.). 

If applying for childcare positions, the following must also be included: the Appendix B form (PDF) and the Appendix C form (PDF), a copy of high school diploma or equivalent and a copy of birth certificate. 

Current NAF employees at Schriever AFB must submit an Air Force Form 2550, NAF Application for Promotion or Other Position Change form (PDF), to be considered for other NAF positions at Schriever.

How do I apply for NAF positions at Schriever AFB?
Completed applications can be dropped off in person at the NAF Human Resources Office, located in the DeKok Building Room 311 on base.

Additional contact information is below:

210 Falcon Pkwy., Ste. 2109
Schriever AFB, CO 80912

How long is my application valid?
NAF applications remain on file for 90 days. If you would like to extend your application beyond the 90 days, then stop by or call the NAF Human Resources Office prior to the 90-day expiration.

Who can apply for non-appropriated fund positions?
Any individual who is a U.S. citizen or resident may apply for NAF employment. Upon appointment, you must present two forms of identification for proof of employment eligibility. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age; some positions require to be 18 years of age or older. Enlisted active-duty military are eligible for employment when an AF Form 3902, Application and Approval for Off-Duty Employment form (PDF), is completed and attached to the application package.

Will I lose my military spouse preference if I accept or decline a NAF position?
Not necessarily. As of October 2004, if you accept or decline a flexible category position with NAF, you will keep your preference. 

You will no longer have military spouse preference upon accepting or declining a permanent regular category position. Military spouses are eligible for preference at each permanent change of station with an active-duty sponsor.