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Family Advocacy Program

Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1630
Location: 110 W. Ent Ave (Bldg. 725), Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado
Phone: 719-556-8943
24/7 Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate: 719-291-6625

The Family Advocacy Program at Peterson SFB serves all military personnel assigned to Peterson SFB, Schriever SFB, and Cheyenne Mountain SFS. Our mission is to build healthy communities through implementing programs designed for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect. We aim to provide trusted care through evidence-based interventions that foster a culture of non-violence and help-seeking behaviors.

Topics that we address include, but are not limited to, emotion management, parenting support, relationship enhancement education, maltreatment screening and intervention, and victims’ services.