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NAF & Human Resources


Ensure that Schriever Air Force Base Non-Appropriated Fund activities are staffed with the best qualified and trained employees.

NAF Application Instructions

All applications for non-appropriated fund positions on base may include résumés but must include:

· OF 612 - Optional Application for Federal Employment (PDF).
· OF 306 - Declaration for Federal Employment (PDF).
· Air Force Form 2545, SF 50, training records/transcripts, security clearances, etc. Applicants with previous government employment must provide a copy of their last personnel action/documentation.
· Department of Defense Form 214, Member-4 Copy (applies to applicants with previous active-duty military experience). No copy other than the Member-4 will be accepted.
· Copy of sponsor's orders, if applicable.
· Military spouse preference worksheet (PDF), if applicable.

If you are applying for a Child Development Center position (opens in new window), you must also include the following:

· High school diploma or equivalent.
· Birth certificate or alien registration certificate.
· Appendix B, NAF Application Continuation Form (PDF).
· Appendix C, Acknowledgment of Rights and Consent to Release Record (PDF).

Application Submission Tips:

Make a master application and photocopy it to apply for several positions. Leave the position and signature lines blank.
· Attach any paperwork needed for hiring preferences such as military spouse, family member or veteran's preference.
· Be specific and give details about previous work experience. Write down everything that could help you qualify for the position, including any volunteer work you may have done. You may wish to add a separate sheet of paper for additional work experience.
· Fill out your application completely. We need your address and phone number to contact you if we select you for a position.

NOTE: Applications will remain on file for 90 days. At the end of 90 days applications are removed from file. You may request a 90-day extension as long as you call or stop by before your application expires.


Wage and Pay Schedules

The NAF System consists of 3 different pay schedules: Crafts and Trades (NA, NL, NS); NAF Pay Band (NF) and Child and Youth (CY). 

Crafts and Trades (CT) wage schedules are set at a given amount and the employee must complete both time and shifts in the position to receive a step increase. 

The pay band (NF) schedule has a range of pay with a minimum and maximum rate, and the amount of pay for the position can fall anywhere between the band. 

The CY pay schedule is based upon the GS pay schedule and also has a range of pay with a minimum and maximum rate. CY-01/02 minimum pay is a set at the GS-04 step 1 pay and the maximum is at the GS-05 step 10 pay. The information in the "NAF Hourly Rates" tab will give you an idea of the pay rates at Schriever AFB.

Apply With Us

Apply in Person:
NAF Human Resources
Building 210, Room 137

Apply by Mail:
210 Falcon Parkway Suite 2109
Schriever AFB, CO 80912

Apply by Fax:

NAF-HR Contacts

Human Resources Officer:
Fax: 719-567-7199

Human Resources Assistant:
Fax: 719-567-7199

Equal Opportunity

Every applicant receives equal consideration on merit without discrimination of color, race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, origin, age or handicap.


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